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Time is of the essence! 

Whether your case involves a minor charge or serious felonythe lawyers at Simmons & Simmons, PLLC will employ the toughest defense tactics necessary. You must contact us immediately in order for us to assist you at every stage of the criminal process.

Accusation A charge or claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong.   Charge A formal accusation made by a governmental authority (i.e. police) asserting that someone has committed a crime.   Arrest This is the act of seizing someone by legal authority or a warrant to take him/her into custody.  An arrest occurs after the charge and/or accusation.   Initial Appearance A legal proceeding where the defendant appears before a judge within a reasonable time of his/her arrest for a bond setting.  Such an appearance is made to determine whether or not there is a probable cause for his/her arrest.  The preliminary hearing date is usually decided at the initial appearance.    Preliminary Hearing  A legal proceeding set by a judge at an initial appearance to determine whether there is probable cause to believe that an offense has been committed and that the arrested person has committed it.  At the preliminary hearing, the charges may be reduced or dismissed.  A defendant’s bond may also be changed at this stage of the criminal process.   Indictment  A formal written statement by either a prosecutor or grand jury charging a person with an serious offense or felony.   Arraignment A legal proceeding in which a judge reads the criminal charges (i.e. indictment) against an accused person.  The defense attorney may waive the formal reading of the indictment or charges before or at this proceeding.   Trial  After a defendant is indicted, the case proceeds to the criminal trial phase which begins with jury selection and continues with the presentment of evidence.  The prosecuting attorney must prove the government’s case beyond a reasonable doubt.  After closing arguments, the jury deliberates and attempts to return a verdict.


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